Q. How does a department post a new professional staff position?

A. All class 1, 3, and 4 positions will be handled centrally by the Student Affairs Business Office.  The Business Office is currently working on written policies and procedures which will also be located on the Payroll/HR site of our page. Until then, please contact Mary Jo Martin 848-932-7963 with direct questions.  For student positions, class 5, please contact your corresponding Business Office Representative.

Q. How does a new employee register for New Employee Orientation?

A. Please visit New Employee Welcome website.  Please also make sure to check our Payroll/HR page for Information for Hiring Managers to ensure the New Hire Checklist has been followed.

Q. Where can I find other University forms and paperwork?

A. If the form you are looking for is not under our forms section, please visit http://rias.rutgers.edu/forms.

Q. How can my department transfer money to a Student Organization?


Below is the process in which Departments can easily transfer money from RIAS to SABO. 

1.       Create a non catalog request in RIAS

2.       The supplier is “Rutgers University Student Activities Fund”

3.       Enter in the appropriate information about the event in the description field.  Ex. Name and  Date of Event

4.       Make sure the category is Check Request: not elsewhere defined          

5.       After hitting “add to cart”, put the account number and line code into the information to be printed on check stub. (line 137 is Generated Revenue, 345 is Programs)

a.       For example:  if someone wanted to send money to RUPA they would put “acct 795 line 137” into the box

6.       Proceed with the rest of the requisition as normal.

7.       There is no documentation needed to process the check.


If a new employee does not have the required documentation at the time of on-boarding to complete the I-9, what are the procedures?

All new employees hired at the University must have their 1-9 completed within 3 days of the hire date in HCM.  If the start date is Monday, 3/21 then the I-9 needs to be completed no later than Wednesday 3/23.  However, best practice is to have them complete both on day one.

How can a professional staff member book airfare through the University?

To book airfare, please follow the step by step instructions on the Travel Order Site.  The Travel Order Form can be found here, and also on the Student Affairs Business Office website under the Forms menu.

How can an employee request a travel advance?

Travel advances are available to full-time employees in the university’s payroll system and requests should be made at least 14 days prior to travel. When needed, travel advances can be requested for transportation, lodging, meals, and incidentals.

For more information on travel advances, please click here.

To obtain the advance, please use the Employee Travel Advance Request Form.

How can an employee seek reimbursement for travel and incidentals?

Please use the TABER (Travel and Business Expense Report) form to obtain reimbursement for incidentals and travel.

Please consult the corresponding Business Office for department policies and procedures.

What if an employee lost a receipt to submit for reimbursement?

If an employee lost a receipt, please fill out the Lost Receipt Form and submit with the TABER form.

How can a department buy promotional items with Rutgers logos?

Please follow the Guide to Buying Rutgers Products on the Trademark & Licensing website.

How long should a department retain forms and records?

It is good business practice to keep forms on file for 1 prior fiscal year, however only the department who “owns” that information is required to keep the document for the full retention length.  For example, University Accounting is required to keep TABERs for the full length of retention.  Please check the Retention Schedules on the Record Management website.  This department also provides free file storage for all departments.

How can money transfers be iniatied from one department to another?

Only a Student Affairs Business Office representative can process a money transfer.  This process, also known as a journal entry, can be initiated by asking the other department for the Fund Source, Organization Code, and Natural account for the debit/credit.  This information and amount can then be given to the department’s Business Office for the completion of a journal entry.

How is petty cash used and is it available in every department?

Petty cash funds may be established for a department to pay for small incidental expenditures.  The Petty Cash University Policy  explains the use of these funds in more details.  Not all departments use petty cash funds, and may have more strict guidelines than the University Policy.  Please consult your Business Office for additional details.

How can a department order furniture for buildings and offices?

Each department may have their own procedures for ordering furniture and the Business Office should be consulted.  The University has preferred vendors and should be used when placing furniture orders.