Contact Name: Phone Number: Area of Responsibilities
Marilyn Chickey (848) 932-6830 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration for Student Affairs
Diana Uveges
(848) 445-0464
Director, Finance and Administration for Student Affairs
Andrew Cousins
(848) 445-0828
Business Manager, Recreation
Christine Ingram
(848) 932-0092
Business Assistant, Central Business Office for Student Affairs
Bruce Johnson
(848) 932-8639
Business Manager, Dining Services
Aida Martin (848) 932-9044 Associate Director of Administration, Health Services & VPVA
Silvia Milla (848) 932-1022 Business Manager, Residence Life
Dilip Pandya (848) 932-6999 Business Manager, Student Centers, Cultural Centers, Office of Student Conduct, Social Justice and LGBT, Marketing, Legal Services, Dean of Students
Eileen Tarrant (848) 932-6978 Business Manager, Student Activities Business Office
Lynda Costello (848) 932-8194 Department Administrator, Supervisor Student Affairs Human Resources